Glass Back Splashes for the Kitchen

Glass never goes out of style it is easy to clean and always looks fresh and in style. We can create the perfect custom backsplash to provide the finishing touch for your kitchen space. Backsplashes can be clear glass or painted prior to installation to showcase a coloured finish.

Painted glass backsplashes can also be installed in a shower or tub as an alternative to tiles or other finishes!

Pattern or Textured Glass

Patterned, textured or frosted glass can be a decorative and inexpensive way to finish cabinets, hutches, cupboard doors, table tops and much more. Wall partitions and privacy screens become unique items when created from frosted, patterned or textured glass.

Glass Table Tops, Shelving, and Displays

Glass tops are an excellent way to protect your furniture from the wear and tear of everyday life. Table tops can be cut to any size or shape are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be a great way to show of a pedestal base. Items can be tempered, polished, or bevelled and come in several colors and patterns.

Glass shelving can be an inexpensive way to beautifully showcase prized or everyday items. Display cabinets or boxes allow maximum view of objects while protecting them from the environment.

Glass Railings

Glass used as interior railings on stairs and landings can give light to dark areas. Glass used as exterior railings allows an uninterrupted view to all nature has to offer.